Thursday, January 12th | 5:00-9:00pm at Arrowhead Country Club – Dinner is included

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Worn Dentition | Dr. Bob Margeas

Who Should Attend: For doctors and treatment coordinators
About the Study Club: Many patients with severely worn dentitions would appreciate full mouth rehabilitation, yet cannot afford to do so all at once. These patients can effectively be treated utilizing a treatment plan phased in over many months or even years. Treatment planning is the key to success with such cases. There are many clinical challenges with these cases; it is important to understand the etiologies of wear and the biomechanical principles of treatment, such as bonding to different substrates, occlusal disharmony issues and the development of an ideal occlusal plane throughout the treatment plan. This lecture is designed to teach a straightforward, step-by- step approach to treat wear cases, utilizing different treatment modalities.

Learning objectives:

Understand the etiologies of wear
Learn how to use composite to alter vertical dimension
Understand facets of ultraconservative full mouth treatment

Wednesday, February 15th | 5:00-8:00pm at Arrowhead Country Club – Dinner is included

Treatment Planning a Complex Implant Case | Drs. Victor Nitu & Greg Kammeyer

Who Should Attend: For doctors and laboratory technicians

About the Study Club: As re-treatment becomes more common in implant dentistry, treating the patient to achieve the patient’s goals becomes more critical. Two patients will be presented: First – a brief follow-up on a full mouth, mini-implant re-treatment case previously presented will be shown. Second – Treatment planning a patient that has medical and full mouth prosthetic issues with previous implant treatment and wants re-treatment. This treatment planning session will help you re-treat implant cases more predictably.

Tuesday, March 14th | 5:00-8:00pm at Arrowhead Country Club – Dinner is included

Team Communication Roundtable | Mike Fortuna, Assen Dobrikov, Drs. Betty Schindler, Greg Kammeyer and Jeff Kleiman

Who Should Attend: For doctors and laboratory technicians

About this Study Club: This interactive session will be focused on helping improve communication between restorative dentists, laboratory technicians and specialists for moderate and complex cases. A brief presentation by each panel member will be followed by a Q and A to help all team members be on the “same page”.

Friday , April 14th | 8:00am-3:00pm at Arrowhead Country Club – Breakfast & lunch are included

Bone and Soft Tissue around Dental Implants | Dr. Sonda Moldoven

Who Should Attend: For doctors and dental hygienists

About this Study Club: We are past the day that success in implant dentistry just means that the implant survived. Contemporary dental care dictates that long-term tissue and bone health are stable and that the aesthetics of the site remain as is, keeping the patient happy. Dr. Moldoven will review what we now know to be essential to avoid peri-implantitis and retain stable, long-term healthy peri-implant tissue and bone interface. In the afternoon, she will also offer her perspective on how nutrition affects periodontal and systemic health.

Co-sponsored by the Central Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Society and Nobel Biocare

Tuesday, May 9th | 5:00-8:00pm at Arrowhead Country Club – Dinner is included

Literature Review on Sinus Bone Regeneration | Dr. Greg Kammeyer

Treatment Planning an Esthetics Case | Dr. Don Hildebrandt

Who Should Attend: For doctors and dental technicians

About this Study Club: The predictability and problems associated with sinus bone regeneration will briefly be reviewed. A case will be presented that involves several restorative challenges and club members will treatment plan the case in small groups. This is a great opportunity to hear how your colleagues treatment plan and see what prosthetic problems can arise with “All-on-4” cases.

Testimonials for the Comprehensive Care Study Club

Dr. Don Hildebrandt: “There isn’t anything else like this study club available in the valley. It has helped us develop long lasting relationship with the members; it has always been about substance and real life skills. I was ready to move past the constant “intro” lectures, and the CCSC provided this for me.”

Dr. Pat Carr: “I go to dozens of hours of continuing education every year. I like to confirm that what I’m doing is current practice and to learn efficient and better techniques. The small club size encourages participation and learning in a cordial setting. The speakers are friendly and very knowledgeable, as is Dr. Kammeyer. I highly recommend the study club to others considering joining.”

Dr. John Upton: “Practicing dentistry in today’s world has many challenges that require an expansive knowledge base. CCSC has consistently provided me a broad spectrum of content, communication, and camaraderie which connects with current dental issues. I always appreciate Dr. K’s willingness to share and stimulate deeper thinking.”

Dr. Betty Schindler (endodontist): “I have been a member of this study club for 5 years. I have very much enjoyed being the endodontic adviser for this group. Every year I walk away further enriched. This has been a delightful group to get to know and to learn with.”