Quick Guide

The Customer Portal (https://my.danidental.com/) is a new functionality designed to bring our customers a better experience, faster response and greatly improved communication.

The portal does replace the previously available ‘Upload Digital Files’ and ‘Upload Patient Photos’ and provides a lot more functionality.

To get started with the Customer Portal, click on the links to it or simple point you browser to:


This is the login screen for the Customer Portal.
If you don’t have yet a login id for you office, please use the
“Not a Member? Sign Up” link to create a free account.
To sign up you will need your Account Number, which is printed on all the invoices or
just give us a call.
To start a new case or to upload files or photos for existing one, please
Click on ‘Cases / Submit Case’, fill the information requested, and follow the instructions.
Actual files will have to be added in the ‘Attachments’ section.