Medical technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the field of dentistry. Dental science has gone from measures that were once strictly reactionary to crudely preventative to streamlined and comfortable – all within the span of a generation!

Your patients want to see that your offerings are keeping pace with today’s trends. You already offer the best in care, so why not expand your offerings in terms of products and services?

One area where this will be especially important as the Baby Boomer generation ages into retirement and struggles with tooth loss due to age is that of replacement with artificial means. At our dental lab, we are constantly working to create better products and solutions for these needs.

The Art of Replacement for Lost Teeth

Dentists have been replacing missing teeth for as long as history has been recording dental procedures, but these procedures were largely the same until just a few decades ago. Likewise, only in recent years have more choices for partials and removable options become available to customize the tooth replacement process for patients without the need for full-mouth tooth replacement.

The creation of devices used for the replacement of teeth is both a science and an art. It requires a deep understanding of dental medicine and hygiene techniques, as well as an aesthetic understanding of what patients want in realistic-looking teeth. Today’s patients expect their dentures and partials to look, feel, and perform like real, organic teeth. That’s why the professionals at our Tempe partial and removable denture lab are always working toward better-looking, more natural-feeling replacement teeth that can accomplish more than just flashing a more complete smile.

Flexible Features Your Patients Will Love

So, what makes the perfect partial or the right removable? It’s all about finding the features your patients are looking for in a mouthpiece.

For some, this means no metal. Many of our options include a flexible, metal-free profile that can be easily fitted and removed, making them more comfortable for everyday wear. For others, this means offering more options for size, shape, and style, including choices like flippers, stay plates, and pieces with or without framework or clasps to keep them securely in place.

Whatever works for your patient should be what you make available to them. At Dani Dental Studio, we want to ensure that those choices are always what you have to offer. Give us a call today to learn more about expanding your offerings this year and giving your patients one more reason to smile.