In the past, patients only had removable dentures for an option. These days, though, advancements in the field of dental treatments have made a lot of things possible, including denture implants.

If you’re wondering which dentures are best for you, read to find out more about your possible options.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth. They take the place of lost or missing teeth. Partial dentures, for instance, replace only a few teeth. If all of the person’s teeth are gone, though, then that’s going to require complete dentures. They are custom designed to fit your mouth. Your dentist will also make sure they are a visual match for your existing pearly whites.

Are They Removable or Not?

Dentures are commonly regarded as removable sets of artificial teeth and gums. However, you can find a partial and removable denture lab that offers dentures supported by implants. These are still removable. If you want permanent options, you’ll need to ask your dentist about permanent crowns or bridgework.

How Does it Work?

Special attachments allow the denture to connect with the implants. A denture that is supported by an implant is a good option to consider for patients who don’t have any teeth left but have enough bone in the jaw to provide support for the implants themselves.

Do I Need to Clean it?

Dentures that are supported by implants remain removable. That means you will need to take them out at night, like regular dentures. Remember to clean the dentures as well as gum area. The only difference implant-supported dentures have over regular dentures is that they are much more stable, which provides you with greater comfort and use. That’s an excellent reason to go for the latter.

Which One is Better?

This will come down to preference. Some people don’t want to undergo surgery, so they go for regular dentures. However, if undergoing surgery isn’t a problem for you, then an implant-supported denture may be the best solution to go for. To know which treatment option can address your needs better, make an appointment with a dentist. Be ready to undergo denture lab services to determine if you are qualified for the operation or not.

Know more about what kind of dentures are a good match for your needs and lifestyle. Contact a partial and removable denture lab for tests. Call Dani Dental Studio to get started.