TravelFlo Group offers thousands of choices ranging from high-end, dream-come-true items, to those requiring fewer reward credits for dentists who can’t wait to redeem. So, it’s really up to you; cash in quickly, or save for things like an exotic tropical vacation, snowmobile or boat.

Of course, there are thousands of mid-level rewards to choose from. What if you don’t have enough reward credits to get the item you want, but you really want it immediately? No worries. We give you the option of paying the difference – simple and easy!

Start Earning Today!

1. Spend a Monthly Minimum of $1500
2. Pay your statement in full by the 15th of the month
3. Earn 2% back in Dani Dental Rewards when paid by check
4. NEW! Earn 1% back in Dani Dental Rewards when paid by Credit Card