Having dentures in itself is a challenge and having broken dentures, even more so. There are multiple dental lab services that you can look into when this happens, but that would depend on the level of damage.

For what reasons do dentures break?

We need to explore first the reason why dentures get damaged. There are a couple of different factors that can lead to a denture break. Some people would even think that the most common reason is due to hard and crunchy food. This is incorrect. They often get broken because they don’t fit right. Our facial structures continually change, which means they need to be adjusted regularly.

Are they difficult to repair?

This depends on the kind of break it has. For chips, your dentist can easily smooth them in their clinic. Of course, this still depends on the size of tear that it has. For tooth loss or cracked teeth, your dentist would need to send it over to the lab so they can adjust the color for it to blend in perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Where can I get my dentures fixed?

You may go to your dentist for any direct concerns or a full-service laboratory to have them done.

Can I repair them myself?

This is highly discouraged since this may lead to more harm than good. This may cost you more than what you initially should be charged for.

How do I take care of my dentures?

It is essential that dentures are kept clean and taken care of. Do not depend on the dentist to clean them for you. You need to be able to keep them sanitary. Daily oral hygiene is encouraged and brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended. Use a denture cleaner to keep bacteria away. It is also important to remember that you should not wear them when going to sleep. Your palate needs a breather, too.

What are my other choices aside from the conventional denture?

The best option for most people is the implant retained denture. A titanium screw is used to secure the replacement for the missing tooth. This will then act like a normal tooth, and in most cases, they never get replaced.

Once your denture breaks, make sure to consult your dentist or have a company that offers denture lab services to fix them. Ask for your options and choose the best one for you. The sooner you have them set, the earlier you can show off your pearly whites. Contact Dani Dental for denture repair today.