Implants are a tooth-replacement option. Patients who don’t want to opt for dentures or bridges can look to dental implants as an alternative solution.

Types of Implants

Patients can choose from several types of dental implants, which include standard and mini implant options. Traditional implants are larger than mini implants, which means they can provide a more stable solution for the long term. However, not everyone is qualified for the procedure, as it requires sufficient jawbone tissue to ensure the support will hold. That’s when mini dental implants come in. Mini dental implants are a good option for patients who may not have enough healthy tissue to provide the base for the implant. It’s also ideal in cases where there is only a single tooth or dental arch to restore.

Size of the Implants

Size is one of the two main difference between traditional and mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are much smaller in diameter than traditional ones. That means they require less bone for support. However, that affects the longevity of the implants. They may not be as stable, compared to traditional ones.

Shape of the Implants

This is another of the main differences between mini and traditional implants. Traditional options include two pieces, so you can generally find that it contains a post and an abutment. The mini implant, though, is only made of one part, which is a one-piece screw.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Not all patients are a good candidate for traditional implants. For instance, those who do not have sufficient jawbone tissue won’t provide enough support to keep the implant secure. In these cases, patients may opt for mini implants.

Getting the Implants

Not all dental care practices have the tools and laboratory to create quality implants. That’s where dental lab services in Phoenix come in. Dental health care providers can partner up with a dental lab service so they can provide patients with high-quality solutions and treatments.

Finding a dental lab

Look for a laboratory with an excellent reputation for delivering quality dental products. That’s a good start. For stellar dental lab services in Phoenix, contact Dani Dental Studio. With a comprehensive lineup of services, you can count on getting the help you need.


Implants can provide patients with the best long-term solution for tooth replacement. Dental practices that lack the tools and expertise to build the implants, though, can partner up with a dental laboratory to bridge any gaps in the treatments they offer.