What is a Crown?

Also referred to as a cap, a crown is put over a tooth for several reasons. Crowns can be used to restore the shape of a tooth or change its size or appearance. In case of a tooth that’s undergone a root canal, the cap is put on top to cover the large filling. In cases of a weak tooth, the cap serves as added protection, so the tooth won’t succumb to cracks or fractures. Caps are also used to cover a dental implant, secure a dental bridge, and cover severely discolored teeth.

What Type is Better for You?

There are plenty of types of crowns out there. However, two of the most popular ones are all-ceramic crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. How do you know which option best suits patients?

Different Benefits

For patients who are allergic to metal, an all-ceramic crown is a much better option. This also has the added benefit of providing an excellent color match, which is certainly ideal if you don’t want the crowns to stand out, after all. However, if your patient doesn’t have metal allergies and you want a crown that’s durable and sturdy enough to handle hard, biting pressure, then a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown will work ideally. When you scout around for dental services in the area, you’ll need to look for a clinic that offers both of these options through their denture lab services.

How to Find a Dental Clinics

When you look for a technical dental clinic, start with the basics. Look for local options in your community. If your efforts don’t give you any useful leads, go online and look for dental clinics near you that fit the bill. That should be enough to get you enough names for a list of options you can start checking out.

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