It can be hard to know what equipment for a dental lab is necessary and what isn’t. The needs of a dental lab vary—what works for a crown and bridge lab may not for another type of lab. Here are some commonly used equipment your dental lab may need.

Curing Unit

A curing unit is used when materials contain resin. Resin needs to be set using a curing unit. This unit uses heat, light, or pressure for the curing of the resin. It is usually used for dental restorations, and is necessary to have if you plan to make restorations that include resin, which needs to harden or set before use.


To get an accurate fit for the type of dental work a patient needs, you need to get a dental impression. Most of the time you need to make the mixture for the impression yourself. Mixers can be used to make this mixture, as some are specially made to handle the materials used to make the impression material.

Dust Collector

Dust builds up during dental work from cutting, grinding, sanding, or polishing. Debris needs to be cleaned up efficiently, especially during a dental procedure. Dust collectors function to pick up and store the dust efficiently, so the technician does not have to worry about it causing problems. They also come in many different sizes.

Waxers & Wax Finishers

When you are using wax for dental work, you need precise form. This can be hard to do, which is where wax finishers come in. They are designed to give off a controlled stream of hot air which can form the wax into whatever shape you need.


Obviously, when you are doing lab work, you want to see everything clearly and accurately in order to avoid error. Lamps are an easy and efficient way to do this. They come in a variety of sizes, so they do not have to take up much space, and there are many options when it comes to light intensity.

Dental labs can become cramped very quickly, and you need the absolute best and most frequently used equipment in your lab. The ones listed above are just a glimpse into the tools commonly used in dental labs.

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